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Yoi Crypto


Built on the blockcain ethereum network

 Token Details

Token Name      Token Symbol     Decimals

Yoi Crypto                         YOI                           18

Type Token


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Build a YOI Token and Trading Strategy for the benefit of YOI holders

 Marketplace application development service for the blockcain community

Yoicrypto is a marketplace application development service for the blockcain community.
A community association that builds an innovative idea to provide a few different benefits for cryptocurrency
follow market trends and application development and launch your own project brand.

Work on projects from community institutions that contribute their services and funds to develop a marketplace system for the blockcain community
Which includes some of the benefits of easy payment transactions and multi-currency and easy multi-payment even payments with Coin and Altcoin and YOI Tokens that we register as transaction tools on our platform.

Currently we are still working on marketplace projects for community blockcain and developing cryptocurrency payments

for investors and instead of funding, you will get assets in the form of YOI Token, which carries out cryptocurrency as an asset value for investors, that those who contribute or fund want to help our project to continue to be developed

Fully the funds collected from ico will be used for continuous development of projects and the registration of coins in several markets in stages to reach all exchange markets


Forum for community

Platform for communities for other members and developers

Multi cryptocurrency

Multi cryptocurrency payments and can use YOI tokens and other cryptocurrency

Marketplace decentralized

provision of product trading platfom for vendors and merchants


Strategies in trading to provide benefits to YOI holders

To provide better benefits in using cryptocurrency and strategies that provide investors and holders of yoi tokens in trading

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About us

YoiCrypto is a development service platform developed for blockcain community needs with support from the Yoicrypto community institute team

Our mission

To provide better benefits in using cryptocurrency and strategies that provide investors and holders of yoi tokens in trading