Yoicrypto is a marketplace application development service for the blockcain community

A community association that builds an innovative idea to provide a few different benefits for cryptocurrency

follow market trends and application development and launch your own project brand
Work on projects from community institutions that contribute their services and funds to develop a marketplace system for the blockcain community
Which includes some of the benefits of easy payment transactions and multi-currency and easy multi-payment even payments with Coin and Altcoin and YOI Tokens that we register as transaction tools on our platform
Our platform is still in the development stage, maybe it can only be seen on a demo


And in the future we will work on projects that we plan with the community and development experts in the project area

We will target several projects

Project development forum for community
1. Online and cryptocurrency marketplace project
2. Centralized market exchange project
3. Development of mechanical engineering tools
4. A commerce tool development project for online product trading platforms
5. Engineer services for the depiction of industrial and production frameworks for 6. manufacturers

Currently we are still working on marketplace projects for community blockcain and developing cryptocurrency payments

And our permission opens ico

for investors and instead of funding, you will get assets in the form of YOI Token, which carries out cryptocurrency as an asset value for investors, that those who contribute or fund want to help our project to continue to be developed

Fully the funds collected from ico will be used for continuous development of projects and the registration of coins in several markets in stages to reach all exchange markets

fully our team adheres to state law and applicable laws and community regulations

Brief description of the project
• Yoicryptois a marketplace application development platform for trading products with digital
currency exchange and we aim that other cryptocurrencycan be used for other things that
are more real and more efficient


• We are not the only one who provides online shop services, but we are one of those who
provide online shop services with multi-payment payments using some fiat and yoicrypto
money and other cryptocurrency.
• We provide other benefit solutions in creating a new atmosphere in the field of
cryptocurrency for cryptocurrencyuse and in paying for purchases and purchases at
yoicryptoonline stores
• One method for supporting and increasing the value of transactions in cryptocurrencyitself
Implementing tokens as a transparent transaction payment method per se YoiTokenis an erc20
token that is built on blockcainethereum network technology and runs on a per-network basis
without the control of any party authority and We also want to apply yoitokento many exchange
markets and ecomercenetworks as a transaction tool any payment
With the system vendors can provide convenience in providing goods with uncomplicated requirements to join to market their products

they can always receive payments whatever the purpose of the Yoicrypto project
  • Implementing tokens as a transparent transaction payment method per se YoiToken is an erc20 token that is built on blockcain ethereum network technology and runs on a per-network basis without the control of any party authority and We also want to apply yoitoken to many exchange markets and ecomerce networks as a transaction tool any payment
  • You can buy products without a credit card without paying using fiat money and paying only using yo tokens or with other cryptocurrency
  • Example of a simple formula with the fiat exchange formula yoi

    Usd 1$        – 10 yoitoken 

    Rp.  14000 – 10 yoitoken


     With the coin exchange formula per usd the amount of yoi tokens

           1  BTC  : 1 usd = yoi

           1  ETH  : 1 usd = Yoi

           1 Usdt  : 1 usd = Yoi
  • Buy products with yoi tokens
  • produc price $20 

        $20 x value yoi

                    pay 200 yoi
  • Admin fee 20% 

    Pay 200 yoi 

                       Admin  60 yoi

                        Total pay 260 yoi
  • We use commerce technology to facilitate ordering and payment to be processed quickly by our team
And we always provide updates about the latest products and promos will always be updated